[Released] ASTOOLSPS3 V3.0

August 7, 2012

I posted this, i didn’t notice that was already posted by @Nicolas19 So my kudos to him.

Iranian AS-Team has released the latest installment of their Do-It-All tool package, AS-Tool PS3 v3.0. Be sure to download it today and check out all of it’s great features, which now include.

What is new features?

Fixing and editing feature for DEX
Switching CEX to DEX feature included
dumping 256 files to 48 feature
new & nice Style
better Appearance
Fixing and editing feature for DEX
Support for plugins
Support persian srt files
Switching CEX to DEX feature included
Dumping 256 files to 48 feature
Fixed bug in making PKG files
Fixed bug in game riping part
Fixed bug in allinone part
Added shut down after converting feature
Uses less ram and cpu
Fixed bug in converting EBOOT
PKG Builder
Build PS3_Disk.SFB
All in One Package
Find FW InformationAbility to provide backup Before Fix EBOOT
ID And Real name of PKG Finder
Convert all files to play a pkg (WSW procedure and PSN, and GDS)
Convert ELF to EBOOT.BIN
convert EBOOT.BIN to ELF
Internal and external hard drive formatted to FAT32 (for PS3)
Useful links about games and PS3
Internal software for ps3
Construction of fixed EBOOT
Rip 3D Files And Extra Language
Two Language(English And Persian)

[Mirror Download]
[Mirror Download 2]
[Source = Ps3hax]

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