Released Black Ops 1 tool [RTM] by Primetime43

September 12, 2013

For lovers of real modding the well-known developer Primetime43 has released a new version of his RTM (Real Time Modding) for Black Ops 1 , this tool requires a console to operate on DEX.

Note: The application needs  NET Framework 4.5 to run

The Tool operates in real time and  edits the memory of the game, there is no need for DLL files.

With this tool, you can also set the scores and stats of each player in real time and to activate several advantages such as God mode , becoming immortal.

Hey there PSX, here is a much better tool of a tool that I released for Black Ops 1 real time modding way back when. The tool requires you to have a DEX ps3, the tools works by rtm(real time modding), it edits the memory of the game. You don’t need any .dlls, the only thing you got to make sure you have is Net Framework 4.5.

Download: Black Ops 1 Real Time Modding

Download:  Microsoft. NET Framework 4. 5

Download:  Download Eboot MP


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