[Released] BLACK.OPS Custom Patch “113″ FIXED

July 14, 2012

PS3HaX Homebrew Developer ZOMBIEKILLAH has released a patch, so that anyone with 3.55 CFW can play Black ops “Zombies” DLC, here is a quote from his thread :)

Finally i can say we can play all Black ops “Zombies” DLC on CFW 355 > ( ALL DLC ! ) Patch 113 !

Credit- “CHEKO” from Demon HD for the pre fix.
Credits- “ZOMBIEKILLAH” Conversion/custom/Mixed/packages
For allot of work 13+ packages to make these all + encrypt/decrypt ,etc
Remember this is a patch mixed as 109/113 so Zombies is fully functional for this patch !
No Multiplayer though ,use 109 for that .
I decrypted & converted what looked to be from a DEX/Debug/Type EBOOT, but hey how do we know ? It was not compressed & looked almost like a Debug EBOOT , which i though was odd. It was encrypted almost 10MB+ in size vs the 113 normal is like ->(7MB)or less, makes me a little suspicious.? Anyways i have edited the eboot to execute my MOD for those who like to play with / without MODS. This i been waiting for “A LONG TIME” for this day.
Even though i have 4 PS3s & own them on OFW,but OFW don’t excite me.

These packages are not straight 113 update patch..
They are a MIX of retail 109 / 113 patch + a edited Param.sfo, do to the 2 selfs not being able to decrypt. That is ok though we can play almost every DLC for Multiplayer on 109 Retail “DEFAULT” Patch. For “ZOMBIES” DLC => We can play on every map now using my patch.

ReactPsn.2.0 is necessary for now .Another salution may be on the way.
For now we have to go with reacPsn.2.0 or 2.20 should work .
I have tutorial on NextGenUpdate or look/search for my ReactPsn conversation on PS3Hax. I had helped a member a while back ,he posted the steps he had done after i explained how to activate the DLC. Everything he did was correct. I posted & gave him -> A+ for listening 

The rap files to activate the DLC i can provide with a NFO.
PM me as i will not link the DLC here.
I will link a NFO which that is not breaking any rules i assume.?

Basic instructions after you activate all DLC with ReactPsn, or have them from PSN.?
1-)(EDIT) Install my113 custom patch .NOT THE RETAIL 113].
2-) Install my patch for your game region .
3-) When you want to play all DLC Zombies you install my 113 patch ..
4-) When you want to play multiplayer install Full Retail “109″ patch right over my “113″ patch/package.

I have edited the param.sfo from 113 to 109 so the packages can be easily installed over each other. Normally i would spoof it to “v9.99″ but i did not, do to people might want play on Xlink Kia. So you can easily switch different patch & never delete any game data => Never delete your game data ! This will make life easy, store your retail 109 + my package in dev_hdd0/packages ->Rebug 355.2 For others you can install i believe rebugs package manager (v1.0 / 1.0 ) This way you can install easy like we do when swapping pkgs using Rebug’s CFW.

Here are my Conversion / Edited /Mixed 109 / 113 Retail Patches for (Release) When you install this patch for your region go straight to Zombies (no multiplayer). Do not try to play multiplayer with this patch ,i mean “MP” zombies should be fine. Regular MP will give you a script error do to the 2 selfs being from 109 so that is why.

Links to the 109+(ReactPsn) No need for the Default Retail >”113″ Patch update
Just use my 113 + DEFAULT 109 to install over it when you want to play MP.
Retail patches => http://store.brewology.com/updates.php?letters=abc
Be looking for the “NFO LINK” For the DLC info. I might add my quick tut for Rebug.355.2 update 6/7+The files you need for ReactPsn+Info will be there also in the NFO.

LINKS to for my 113/109 / Mixed “ZOMBIE” Full packages –
BLES01105 – http://www.mediafire.com/?r2wt5y2d686uax0
BLES01031 – http://www.mediafire.com/?56ea3863wb35w8w
BLES01032 – http://www.mediafire.com/?5b7xcsjwxeb1w2r
BLES01033 – http://www.mediafire.com/?gg7lq1gg43dalaq
BLES01035 – http://www.mediafire.com/?69bujubah4l9b9z
BLUS30591- http://www.mediafire.com/?yivox45et9esu2p
This patch can execute a CFG MOD but i am not releasing yet = PSN.
I dont want people to abuse/get banned /ruin it for us & end up getting a 114 patch update.
I will release the method eventually, so use the “save game method to MOD for now !
My MOD might allow to bypass 3ARC if PSN access comes back.
This is why i wont release the MOD or how to execute today sorry for now

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