[Released] Classic Game Boots on 4.XX CFW

August 14, 2013

Exofreak today brings a touch of nostalgia to us PS3 modders with an excellent mod! Prior to 2.80 OFW the PS3 used to have a pre-game boot animation, Sony removed them, but today we have them back! I for one love this mod!


1.) Enable dev_blind with multiman
2.) Copy the selected “custom_render_plugin.rco” and past it in dev_blind/vsh/resource/
3.) Feel the tension as 2 seconds of nostalgia course through you mind!

1.) I didn’t use rco files from 2.80 instead i made my own with firmware 4.XX in mind.
2.) Should work on all 4.XX firmwares.
3.) The pack contains 3 different folders each with a different game boot.

Video link: game boots 4.xx

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?4g8fupay1kbb7gq

Source: Psx-scene

Thanks to @simonbuck for the news tip :)

And finally a quick call out to the modding scene’s to help out Exofreak:

Community Reach:
I need help in making a homebrew app for all my mods and future mods, i have seen many but i have failed to code them properly. I offer my respect and development credit to the dev who lends me a hand. That is more than any amount of money can buy.

Does anyone want to help him out?

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