[Released] Comgenie’s Awesome Filemanager For 4.21 CFW

October 25, 2012

hey there, been a member for a while mostly reader/lurker hehe . that being said, i do want to say i’m happy to see people porting their homebrew over to 4.21cfw, it may just be me and a few others that feel this way, but it just seems a little premature to jump ship over to 4.21 as the next community standard.

I realize 3.55 is considered dated and all, and i’m sure even though i appreciate the cobra-usb and its features, it’s not something everyone wants(especially since it requires a dongle to begin with), though i will say i’m all for cobra-usb’s features being fully ported over to another cfw(just not sure if/when that will occur, tbh i’m not in favor of the whole dongle thing, it would be nice to have both my usb ports back on my slim, and all 4 on my phat)

sorry for the a bit off topic rambling, just wanted to weigh in a lil bit about it all, since i hadn’t really posted before here. Really happy that the scene is moving forward a bit quicker lately, just sad how some of the newer turn outs like the keys, were a product of envy, greed, and to an extent apathy(hope the spirit of the scene will burn with inspiration once more in the near future)

n’ thats the end of my stroodle doodle

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