[Released] Custom Firmware Validator v2.0 Rev-8

November 5, 2012

Grimm and Berion have updated their popular CFW checking program, to include more CEX and the newer DEX firmwares, here is a quote from the source:

– added all CEX CFW up to 4.30
– added all DEX CFW
– added missing DEX OFW
– added missing CEX OFW
– added missing Glevand’s CFW 3.55 (included test releases)
– added missing Rogero’s CFW 3.55
– added some missing checksums for some firmwares
– old, translated databases are moved to ./outdated folder

– add missing CEX OFW (the ones from BD-ROM)
– add missing SEX OFW

Here are a couple of quotes from the Read Me:


Custom Firmware Validator is a program designed mainly for verifying downloaded or manually patched firmwares for PS3. This application compares checksums from the database with those which are being calculated on the currently open file. If at least one would match, the following things will appear: the name of the firmware and its short description, the option to show the list of additional functions and the option to visit the author’s web page, also one could copy a file onto USB with the proper directory structure and its name (PS3, PSP, PSV).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I still don’t understand what this program do!
A: In other simpler words, using CFV:
– You cannot flash your console by fake firmware. In first days of CFW on PS3, many bastards linked higher OFW as CFW and some people have been fooled by them, ending with non software downgradable OFW. This application protect you from such situation.
– You cannot misleading one CFW with another, modified by someone else than author of this CFW. This application gave you confidence that scaned CFW is the release CFW, not modified by someone else.
– You can transfer OFW/CFW directly to your USB device. It even detect if file system is FAT32 but not only! Also detect if this FAT32 is on MBR (which is only one support by PS3) or GPT and other not supported table format.
– You can go to authors webpage if it’s linked in database.
– You can take more user friendly information about firmware (like properly working Trophy system, Cinavia DRM patched, protecting from ACT.DAT deleting etc.).

Q: How many fw CFV recognize?
A: Custom Firmware Validator support all CEX OFWs, all leaked SEX, DEX, DECR and all known to us CFWs (more than 50). This give us support for ~200 firmwares!

Q: Do you plan to make databases updates?
A: Yes, but only the one for PS3. In this aspect we count on the community’s involvement. ;]

Source PSX Scene

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