[Released] DarkEboot Fixer v3.0

November 5, 2012

Italian PS3 Developer DarkGiovy has released an updated version of eBoot Fix PC application, here is a quote from his website:

The tool is extremely easy to use,you can just put EBOOT.BIN of the game that you want fix,into the folder of tol and run DarkEbootFixer.exe.
There are many option,you type 0 and click on ENTER,the tool convert EBOOT.BIN to EBOOT.ELF; Next type 1 and click ENTER,the tool fix the EBOOT.ELF and generate fixed EBOOT.BIN.
Put the new EBOOT.BIN into the folder of game and Enjoy!
The tool has a fix alternative method, press 2 after the press 0, the tool will sign the eboot (Try it if fix with option 2 doesn’t work)

Secondary options

  • Fix .self file Insert file .self to fix into the folder of tool and press 3 NOTE: the file must be named file.self
  • Fix .sprx file Insert file .sprx to fix into the folder of tool and press 4 NOTE: the file must be named file.sprx
  • Extract PKG With this option, you can extract file from PKG file
  • Repack PKG With this option you can rebuild PKG File,from folder named with ID of game (es. BLESXXXXX). In this folder must be present PARAM.SFO,ICON0.PNG and folder USRDIR)
  • EDIT Param With this option you can edit param.sfo. NOTE: the file must be named “PARAM.SFO”

Remember that you can find this application and many more here:

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