[Released] Gamesonic Manager v 2.35

March 19, 2014

The dev Orion releases a new update of Gamesonic Manager in version 2.35
Attention all users: we are not a site we like teasing users as written by Aldotools does not release the manager to increase the site traffic as wrote aldotools and does not release gamesonic manager for ADS.The site is free.We are humans we can we commit some error in releasing the souce code.Here is the dev aldotools offensive words from psx-scene:
The point is: a lame site attracting free traffic from several hack/news sites that post their recompiled open source software as their own. Traffic = $$ in ads.

The source code does not correspond to the changelogsā€¦ it also happens with their Iris fork.

Here is a simple example:
“When the covers are not present in webman gamesonic manager is present and the console will cover from the cover of gamesonic manager.”

Now open the source code and do a search for “GMAN” which is the TITLEID of Gamesonic Manager. You won’t find it.

Now check this codeā€¦ it doesn’t do what they claim.

Thank you aldo for respect all users from gamesonic.it
For respect all user from THE PS3 SCENE the souce code for webman unofficial and gamesonic manager is release today

If you do not release the manager just send me a pm or contact me being the founder of the site.Gamesonic is free site no for ads or increase traffic


Fixed bug to put the background image I had bribed with various updates,
now it is possible to apply the colors of the background grids to coverflow gui, now the console id and pdid will come preloaded at boot manager,
posted game path display

in a few moments

Thank you:Estwald and all dev for the scene PS3

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