[Released] Hero City 2 v1.3 by ThatOtherDev

September 2, 2012

ThatOtherDev has released his Homebrew Game Hero City 2 (v1.3) for the Playstation 3. Previous versions has only been available for Wii & Windows. The game is very interesting, makes fun and runs nice on homebrew enabled consoles 

Hero City 2 is an open world superhero game. You run and jump around punching monsters and robots and collecting things and in the process of doing so you upgrade your abilities and unlock new tasks. It’s a massive step up from the first Hero City.

There are some differences between this and the original Wii version. Most of which I hope to correct in future updates. But overall it’s a pretty decent port. It runs at 60 frames per second in HD and looks exactly as it should.

I think it’s probably the best homebrew game on PS3 (though that’s obviously subjective and I’m definitely biased). It’s certainly the one I’m most proud of. So I hope you like it. Feedback is always appreciated.

Left analog stick = controls the player
Right analog stick = controls the camera
L1 = left punch
R1 = right punch
X = jump (hold to charge up)
Square = save
Triangle = return to the title screen

Download from PlatonicRobot.com
Download from Brewology.com

Source: thatotherdev.com via psx-scene

Thansk to @manster 

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