[Released] IDPS Changer v1.1 by JorisD33

April 10, 2013

@JorisD33 has released a Windows application allowing Custom Firmware users to unban permanently their PlayStation 3 by re-flashing their NOR/NAND with a patched dump containing a valid IDPS.

This tool is useful only if you want to update to the latest Officiel Firmware and use PSN again and if you got a valid (and legit) IDPS.

Quoted from ReadMe.txt :

IDPS Changer 1.1
by Joris

* What do this application do? *

This application will change your IDPS and optionally your MAC address into your flash dump

* How can I use it? *

Just put a VALID(!) NOR/NAND dump called dump.bin and your eEID Root Key called eid_root_key.bin into the same directory, run the program and enter your new IDPS
Your modified dump will be created as dump_patched.bin, you just have to flash it back to your console

* How can I dump my eEID Root Key? *


* How can I dump my flash? *

– Hardware flasher (E3, Teensy, Progskeet…)
– Multiman (

– …

* How can I byte-reverse my dump? *

Flowrebuilder: http://www.ps3devwiki.com/wiki/Valid…#Flowrebuilder
If you byte-reverse your dump before using this application, remember to byte-reverse it back after the procedure


*1.0 :
– Initial release

This application is based on libeeid and PS3DevWiki ressource.

Source :



Alternate download :


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