[Released] Infoboot Remover By IcEmAn2012 – Disable The Epilepsy Warning

August 7, 2013

The german developer Iceman2012, author of many homebrew made ​​for the Playstation 3, is back with his latest work, Infoboot Remover.

In the last firmware released by Sony is present at power up after the PS3 logo on the message photosensitive epilepsy, this form of epilepsy is caused by prolonged exposure to the images of the Playstation 3.

We are all aware of the importance of the topic, the problems related to this disease, but on occasions but we decided to delete the message thus gaining those few stolen moments at boot time, we just install and start the homebrew Infoboot Remover .

Note: It only works on Firmware 4.46 CEX German and English



Thanks to @Simonbuck for the member news!

For those on other firmwares than 4.46, please visit this link:
[Tutorial] How To Edit PS3 Epilepsy Warning On CFW

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