[Released] Iris Manager 1.60 Beta 4

February 6, 2013

Estwald has updated Iris Manager to version 1.60 Beta 4, here is a quote from the source:

What’s new:

– Further improvement in ps1_emu emulation. Now games like Vagrant Story or Resident Evil ps1_netemu works, by creating the necessary flight data from 0×930 in the sector. Also fixed some errors in the payload.

– Added payload_storage mode to allow 3 to launch the disc ISO PSX Cheats with disks in the drive (s simple, plug in a flash drive, run with cheats and at the right time, eject unplugging the pendrive [+ laughs]. That enough in Xploder 4, at least (if necessary, you have to eject the disc and put it back: from the moment you unplug the pendrive disables the payload and the hard work normally base))

– Fixed some bugs, such as the copying of files when the USB drive is almost full.

– All payloads modified to add a flag detection. This serves to reset the console that you can, for example, if you used Multiman and syscall 8 is inactive.

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Download Mega
Download Mega(Ps3HaX)
Download MultiUpload

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