[Released] Iris Manager v1.50 – Run PSX/PS1 ISO’s

January 22, 2013

Want less bloat ?
Then grab Iris Manager version 1.50, which is currently the ONLY Backup Manager being kept up to date in the PS3 Scene, here is a quote of the changes:

– Ability to run PSX ISO

Simple instructions by LoboGuara

– Extract the rar
– Extract patch_ps1emu.rar
– Copy the file /dev_flash/ps1emu/ps1_emu.self using FTP and place into the patch_ps1emu extracted folder
– Run patch_ps1emu.bat
– Copy the generated ps1_emu_patched.self on the root of the IRIS MANAGER folder (/dev_hdd0/game/IMANAGER4)

Directory structure:


Inside the game folder, just place your BIN/IMG and a Cover.jpg (the image for the game cover on Iris game list), Start Iris Manager and run the game

Here are some screenshots by LoboGuara(Any sites leeching these images, give LoboGuara the proper credit)

Thanks for the news tip esmjanus

Source Elotrolado Thanks LoboGuara and aries2k

Original Download Rar Thanks LoboGuara

Download (Brewology)

If you have a DEX machine, grab the DEX version which is currently on version 1.45 here:
Download 1 (Brewology)
Download 2 (Rghost) Thanks haz367

Source Code for you advocatusdiaboli :)

Any estimation for how long it will take for mM to rip off these features ? :p

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