[Released] MA BD TOOL v0.8

May 12, 2012

Here I leave the new version of BD TOOL MA who now includes the basic graphical interface, the ability to save data to any USB connected on the console port as well as the ability to detect and extract the serial model BD reader that you have in your PS3 along with the old features of the first version with the MKB and the HRL.

You can download from here:


In some cases the standard model may not be obtained but that’s is sometimes because the BD is not the original from the console.

Details on this version.

Implemented basic Graphical interface.
Fixed bugs when extracting HRL or MKB Version.
Now dumping and working with any usb connected to any port.
Added detecting of Serial | Model of BD Reader.

For now it just work on MA.

Acknowledgements: Demonhades for being my friend, Rokiski for letting me be his student and JaiCraB for being with me and help me many times.

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