[Released] multiMAN 04.11.13 – Fixes 80010009 Errors

November 19, 2012


And once again deank has released an update for multiMAN. This version, 04.11.13, fixes the error that occurs if no update is installed for 04.20 – 04.31 games. You can update within multiMAN or download the package at the links below.


● Added check for EBOOT.BIN firmware version (offset 0×428) and prompt to ‘fix’ the version to your current one.

—> This will fix 80010009 errors for 04.20-04.31 games without updates if EBOOT.BIN is encrypted with 4.20/0x1C key revision or lower.

—> Tested NFS:MW on 4.21REX without installing the 01.01 update for the game.

—> It will probably fix errors on Rogero’s 4.30CFW if 4.35 games are released encrypted with 4.30 keys.

multiMAN ver 04.11.13 BASE CEX (20121118)
Mirror (thanks to realth)

multiMAN ver 04.11.13 BASE DEX (20121118).pkg

Source: ps3crunch

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