[Released] NetCheat For PS3 V2.0

August 24, 2013

PS3HaX member veritassdg has released version 2 of his NetCheat app for PS3, here is a quote from his thread:

Hello PS3HAX.NET Today I bring to you NetCheat For PS3.
NetCheat PS3
Written in C# by Dnawrkshp
#Idea from Veritassdg
ProDG Target Manger and Debugger.
Find the ps3tmapi_net.dll somewhere on the web,
or move it from Program FilesSN SystemsPS3bin (if you installed the PRoDG Debugger),
and put it in the same directory as NetCheat PS3

Whats New?
Added Range where you set the debugger range you want to scan. double click on the range to edit it or hit add to make a new one
you can also save them into a .ncm (net cheat memory)
Which can be loaded every time you restart NetCheat
an .ncm file would look like this

Click here to see full text

It goes Start address. end address
So far I have not found any bugs but if you do please post in the thread
The RAR/ZIP will come with everything you need to know to get started *not the ps3tmapi_net.dll*
also Codes are in the format of
2 12345678 9ABCDEF0
2 = code type 12345678 = debugger address (most end in 0,4,8,C)
9ABCDEF0 is what you want written to that debugger address
There are many code types but I wont explain them here
Theres a Read Me that has them all.
Source will come at another time.

Click here to see full text

This download comes with its own Read me to help you understand how it works.
And JokerThat for ps3 all you do it input your code along with the joker address at the top and it’ll make a joker code for you (comes with Read me)
Download Link: http://www.mediafire.com/?ax0k0h36d8shua6
Virus Scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/5…is/1377292768/

Credits Go to.
And iMCSx for his thread on the Ps3 debugger API located HERE NOTE THIS TAKES YOU TO ANOTHER FORUM.
Any idea’s feel free to post or pm me too.
IF you see this released on another forum under the user name Renton. Its me


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