[Released] NORway v0.5

July 23, 2012

PS3HaX Developer judges has updated his Teensy++ Flasher Software called Norway to version 0.5, here is a quote from his thread:

+ Added block table for Samsung K8Q2815UQB. The programming modes “writeword” and “writewordubm” don’t require manual chip/sector erase prior to writing anymore!
+ Bugfix: “NORway.py COMx release” didn’t work. Now you can leave Teensy powered at all times and console will boot up correctly after issuing a “release” command
+ Bugfix: increased TRANSMIT_TIMEOUT for Teensy’s serial device to 10000ms (required for OS X)
+ Bugfix: disabled DSR/DTR flow control (wasn’t working reliably on OS X)
+ Bugfix: TRISTATE wasn’t set correctly
+ Added additional verification when writing is done. Although each write command verifies each written sector/block, it happened that written bytes weren’t persistent
+ Added “verify” command

– judges

Download and release thread

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