[Released] OpenSCETool v0.9.2

May 9, 2013

spacemanspiff has updated OpenSCETool, which is an Open Source a clone of SceTool, here is some information about it followed by a list of the changes:

OpenSCETool is a clone of scetool under an open source license.

scetool was reverse engineered and analized to produce this program, and copied his behaivour.

Version 0.9.2
– Fixed rap/rif/idps/act.dat management. Now it works fine

Version 0.9.1
– Fixed a segfault decrypt some SELFs.
– Added option -p to patch the sys_process_param when signing an ELF. This is the same as applying FixELF.exe before signing.
– Added support to klics.txt. If the klicensee is not specified, it is looked up in the data/klics.txt automatically (only for decrypt).

Version 0.9.0
– First commited version, compatible with SCETool 0.2.9.


Thanks zecoxao :)

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