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September 4, 2013

Here is a new program by the developer Choco from nextgenupdate.com, the tool is called Compiler PPC (PowerPC stands for  P erformance  O ptimization  W ith  E nhanced  R ISC Performance  C omputing).

The application allows the compilation of instructions PowerPC in OpCodes (Code of Practice,  is the part of a  machine language consists of a series  of instructions  that specifies the operation to be performed).

This tool is extremely useful for modding the Playstation 3,  all the files . elf are PowerPC, thecompiler PPU ( physics processing unit) also allows us to compile opcodes for the files . x and x (for xbox 360).

Warning: require’s a broad knowledge of the topic.

  • Enter the instructions in the box to the left.
  • Enter the address that will add the operation code in the box Start Address (note: this is the address from IDA / memory, not the address HxD)  and click compile .
  • Copy the opcodes from the box to the right, and paste in the file. Elf to the appropriate address.

To designate a register, put the “%” symbol in front of it. For example:

li r3, 0 <—  This statement is incorrect.  
li% r3, 0 <- This statement is accurate.

bl (bl address) 

This statement bl contains an address bl,  here we can see an example:

bl 0x248FA4

For instructions on branching conditional , just make the statement, followed by the distance inbranch . For example:

bdnz -0 × 14 
0 × 14 beq 
bne 0x2C

Download:  PPC Compiler

Source: NGU via Biteyourconsole

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