[Released] PS2 Classics Manager v1.02 (April 11, 2013)(CFW 4.XX)(UPDATE)

April 11, 2013

PS3 Dev CaptainCPS-X has updated his PS2 Classics Manager to version 1.02 and taken it out of beta, here is a quote from his release thread:

Updated main thread with this release to avoid having multiple release threads with same instructions.


– Before updating you need to have PS2CM v1.01 installed.
– This is mostly a bug fix release, please let me know if you find more.
– More features will come for future updates (Ex. Themes, Auto Import+Encrypt, etc…)


PS2CM v1.02 (April 11, 2013)

– Added shadow effect to all displayed text, this will allow @opium2k and others to design clear themes for PS2CM.
– Fixed reported issues with Memory Cards.
– Fixed a problem when assigning Memory Cards, if both slots were deactivated it would make PS2CM freeze.
– Fixed small bug on the Title ID parsing code, only affected titles that had “[” and “]” characters at the end.
– Added some missing titles to the “ps2titleid.txt” database, thanks to those who reported them.

Thanks @bubba for your collaboration with covers , I updated the main thread with the latest links, I will upload “M” pack #2 soon to the SkyDrive, when I have the complete collection I will start making the PKGs and upload them so people can easily install them on their PS3.


– Source Code (don’t expect it to be pretty xD)

[ANONFILES] [SRC]_PS2_CLASSIC_MANAGER_1.02_[20130411]_CEX4XX_UPD.rar [12.4 MB]

[ANONFILES] [SRC]_PS2_CLASSIC_MANAGER_1.01_[20130406]_CEX4XX_BETA.rar [10.9 MB]

– Application

Note: You need to have v1.01 (BASE) installed before installing v1.02 (UPD).


[ANONFILES] PS2_CLASSIC_MANAGER_1.01_[20130406]_CEX4XX_BETA.rar [23.8 MB]

PS: Going to bed, sorry for the quick post xD, will come tomorrow to give more feedback on this release and check for any bug reports.

EDIT: Removed “BETA” from the title as recommended by @Korben 


Release Thread(Bookmark This To Be Kept Up To Date)

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