[Released] PS3 Dev Builder For OS X Mountain Lion

March 2, 2013

bigboss an old time dev who worked on the PS2 with such famous devs as Hermes and Mavy has released a tool, to help MacOS users create PS3 Homebrew on their Macs, here is a little bit about bigboss, followed by a quote of the readme from the application:

 photo 17-Big-Boss1_zps5dc4f55e.jpg

Member of the infamous PS2Reality team, with Hermes and Mavy brought to you the very first homebrew mediaplayer for PlayStation 2 platform a few years ago, right now working like IT Cloud and Identity Management Consultant

What does this do?
This program will automatically build and install a compiler and other tools official and homebrew used in the creation of official and homebrew software for the Sony PlayStation 3 videogame system using Osx Mountain Lion

Here is a quote from the source:

i have just released a tool to let you build under Osx Mountain Lion:
- Sony binutils and toolchain gcc 4.1.1 for SDK 3.60. Don’t ask about how to get SDK 3.60
- ps3dev binutils,toolchain , psl1ght and ps3libraries

Download/Installation Help

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