[Released] PS3 Dynamic Themes 24(23) Pack By pr0p0sitionJOE

July 7, 2012

A Weeks ago A theme creator named pr0p0sitionJOE has released a pack of 24(23) PS3 Dynamic Themes. There are lots of various different themes to choose from, even a couple of game themed downloads. For now, only certain users can download these themes, or this theme pack.

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Here is PS3 Dynamic Theme Pack 24 by yours truly, pr0p0sitionJOE, which contains 24 PlayStation 3 Dynamic Themes to decorate your console with!

Below is also a list of all the PS3 Dynamic Themes included for those interested.


  • Abstract Shapes Dynamic Theme
  • Chinese Year of The Rabbit Dynamic Theme
  • Clock Dynamic Theme
  • Clouds Dynamic Theme
  • Corey – Theme
  • Dead Nation – Dead Man’s Hand Dynamic Theme
  • Fire Dynamic Theme
  • Fish Tank Dynamic Theme
  • Halloween Dynamic Theme
  • Infamous: Festival of Blood Theme
  • Infamous 2 Theme
  • Lava Lamp – Black and White Dynamic Theme
  • Lava Lamp – Colour Cycle Dynamic Theme
  • Lava Lamp – Red and Blue Dynamic Theme
  • Lava Lamp – Yellow and Purple Dynamic Theme
  • MUBI Dynamic Theme
  • PlayStation MOVE Dynamic Theme
  • PlayStation PLUS Dynamic Theme
  • Shin Sangoku Musou 6 – Theme
  • Snowman Dynamic Theme
  • Spectral Dawn Dynamic Theme
  • Start The Party! Dynamic Theme
  • Symbol Art 1 Dynamic Theme
  • US Army Best Ranger Competition Theme

Enjoy decorating your consoles

his seems like a great release… The only problem is it appears to be a ps3n3ws exclusive, and only “Contributor” members, or Premium members, can download these themes.
but don worry because Nicolas19 is Here 
in below you can download All 24(23) Theme From my mirror 

Download All 24(23) Themes

Download All 24(23) Themes Mirror

Download All 24(23) Themes Mirror 2

Download All 24(23) Themes Mirror 3

Thanks for the themes pr0p0sitionJOE, next time, try and share them and don’t keep them locked down in one website.

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