[Released] PS3 Related Tools By qoobz

March 25, 2013

A Developer by the name of qoobz has released some awesome tools for use with the PS3, the first one doesn’t have a GUI, but that isn’t important as the tool is awesome and command line is easy enough to use, for those of you wanting a GUI, the source is provded for you to do it yourself, or wait on aldostools or SvenGDK to implement it into their software, so the first tool is:

This app decrypts PS1 and PSP edats, here is a quote:

Usage: edat3tool type, input edat, valid rapfile, output bin
type – type of edat to decrypt: -psx, -psp, , -klic, -npdrm1, -npdrm2, -npdrm3

input edat – path to edat to decrypt
rap file – path to valid rap file for edat
output bin – path to save decrypted data

For windows users -> uncomment line 33 and comment line 34 of EDAT.cs
For *NIX users -> uncomment line 34 and comment line 33 of EDAT.cs

Now with proper RAP/EDAT decryption :D

The edat format MUST be ISO.BIN.EDAT

Mirror 2

Now for tool 2

PS1 To PS3 – Beta 10
This tool is quite cool, the code is originally from hermes and has been modified by qoobz, it lets you convert a PS1 ISO into a PKG for installation on the PS3,here is a screenshot:

 photo Capture-172_zpse9de3e63.png

Mirror 2

Thanks qoobz and Hellium :)

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