[Released] PS3ITA 4.21 v.2.2 DEX CFW

April 7, 2013

The Italians are back, team ITA have updated their 4.21 DEX CFW to version 2.2. Also, they have released an interesting new ‘loader’.


-Spoof firmware 4.40.
-IDPS All Change region 4.21 is now integrated in the fw and runs automatically during boot the console, there is no need to start it manually after every boot. To log on to the PSN simply log in as you were on an ordinary OFW.
-Sys_init_osd.self New, allows the start of our core (ps3itald.self) during boot the console. IMPORTANT: all credits for this go to sys_init_osd Miralatijera we just added a little bit (to make it boot faster) and brought patches to the nost cfw, ps3itald.self instead is a creation of our team. The core ps3itald.self is easily customizable thanks to PKG ps3ita loader.
-Fixed bug that did not allow the boot cd / dvd original PS2 PS3 backwards compatible.
-Vsh Patch magazines, ReactPsn now works perfectly.
0x80022D74 0x80022D11 Fix for errors relating to the trophies, in some cases after a downgrade by service mode was returned one of these errors and was forced to leave the game.

PS3ITA Loader:

Through the program ps3ita loader you can manage the core ps3itald.self and add / remove functions that will be performed automatically upon boot of the console (I think many of you will appreciate the “install_new_idps” allows you to permanently change your console id with one of your choice).

Install Instructions For the CFW

1. sure you have a console with CFW / OFW DEX (Debug) version 3.55/4.21.
2. strictly Install the Firmware Downgrader 3:55
3. PS3ITA Install CFW 4.21 DEX v2.2.

Install Instructions For PS3ITA Loader:

1. ps3ita Copy the folder in the root of the USB stick.
2. Move the flag you want to install from the folder / ps3ita/NOT_ACTIVE in / ps3ita (flags are simple text files and have explained in their function).
3. Insert the USB stick into the port on the right of the PS3.
4. install the pkg “ps3ita_loader” and run it.
If something goes wrong, the LED turns red, otherwise fine.
A log file in / dev_usb000/ps3ita cmq will be created to verify if all the steps have taken place correctly.
5. New features are now active

DOWNLOAD for CFW: http://www.multiupload.nl/GHXWLMIOVV
MD5: 7E843FE9C17973CCB6C0ED0B27AB0A48

DOWNLOAD for Loader: http://www.ps3ita.it/download/Ps3ita_loader.rar


Sorry about the clarity of the steps and information I’m afraid Italian is not one of my languages and Google translate is all I have for now


Thanks to kiwitothemax for the news submission, and Rancid-o for the other thread which i’ve missed.

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