[Released] PSN Stuff (by LoOzers)

January 12, 2013

A German group by the name of LoOzers have released an application to help you maintain your .rap collection, here is a quote from the source:

PSN Stuff
PSN Stuff is a community project. It´s up to you to expand the database.
This tool provides download links and rap files. To install the provided
PKG Files, you need a Custom Firmware and reactPSN to get them working.
* Download the selected Game
* Store the provided RAP File
* Submit your Content to expand the database
* Doubleclick a row to show filesize
The database will be updated continuesly as long as you help us providing links and raps.




– Simple control
– always online
– Database updates itself on startup
– Own Content can be shared easily
– Downloads in seperate folders
– PKGs will be renamed to the contents name after the download is finished
– .rap files (if needed) are always available
– double-click for filesize


Thanks for the tip via PM :)

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