[Released] PSP2PS3 Toolkit

April 17, 2013

PS3HaX dev $n!pR has released an app to help those of you messing with converting PSP games to a format the PS3 will read, here is a quote from the thread:

Ok so while running batch files is fun and all I decided to make my own tool. This is just an early build I’ve been working on which creates the basic file structure. You still need Adolstools to create the PKG file for now.

Basic howto:

  • Browse to ISO, the program will automatically find the CID
  • Enter the Title ID you want to use
  • Click Make Package
  • Right click the folder created and click Make PKG


  • Add option to copy media files from ISO
  • Add option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
  • Make PKG file


New build 1.10 will be posted later

Don’t have time to test it but you can scratch some stuff off the list 


  • Copies media files from ISO by default
  • Make PKG file


  • Add option to use EBOOT.PBP from PSN
  • Add option to use custom media files (psn_package_npdrm requires ICON0.PNG)
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