[Released] Resident Evil mod for Paintown (Beta)

October 28, 2012

Daveyshambles has released a nice Resident Evil mod for Paintown. He also said if it gets enough attention, he will make more mods for the side scrolling beatem-up. For discussion visit the release thread here @ PS3HaX.

Ever wonderd what the Resident Evil series would’ve been like had it been put out on the Snes or Megadrive ? Well ponder no more as I have answered that ultimate question with this.I have put a load of hours into this, roughly 12 hours a day for 3 weeks and had no help from anyone (even though I did message someone who didnt bother to message me back)If I get a big enough response from this one I shall start work on a ”Aliens” one with marines , pulse riffles , power loaders ,etc ,etc
Hello folks, Remember last week how I showcased my Resi paintown colaberation ? Well I said roughly 4 weeks before you’d see a release well I have some exciting news for you all, After working flat out all week I have a beta version ready for you to enjoy, there will be updates in the coming weeks adding stuff that I havent finished like some more special moves an combos an some levels that I didnt get to finish, It is totally playable and looks fine, to be honnest its just me being a perfectionist. Anyway I thought id release it now as im going on holiday for 2 weeks on monday, Id say that the game is 97% finished, and i will put an update out when I get back from holiday.As allways there will be the download link an the video in this post……

For those of you that have Markus95s saint seya mod of paintown on there console dont threat, Just add this one to your ps3 and you will have 2 on your machine , Markus95s an mine as Markus95 use’s a different file path for his mod starting in ‘BLES******’ were as mine will be ”paintown_”..

In my download there are 2 things one is a folder called ”paintown” and a PKG of paintown 3.6.0. What you need to do if you have Markus95′s mod is this…….

Install the paintown PKG 3.6.0 via ”install packages” once installed go into multi-man an use your file browser to go to ”game/paintown_” now highlight ”paintown_” and delete it. Once deleted put my one in its place……..Then come out of multi-man and you’ll see my Resi paintown icon, press ”X” and enoy….

To install if you dont have Markus95′s mod…..do this

Go to ”multi-man” open the file browser go to ”game” find ”paintown_” delete it and replace with my one…..simples…your now ready to get mashed up by some zombie hoards…

If you watch the quick 54 second video please rate an subscribe to my channel….theres no sound on it cos it was late and I diddnt wanna wake my girlfriend, but theres loads of sound in the game.

_____________________________In the game__________________________

you have….

Hunk , Chris Redfeild ,Leon Kennedy , Albert wesker an jill vallentine,
and as a bonus player you have me, Daveyshambles.

You can pick up herbs for health…

And there a lots of familliar enemys to smash to bits..

Every player has a gun attack by either pressing, up then square or up an X, or down an X or down an square…

Some of the paintown ellements are still there as it is Resident evil paintown.
Once again I hope you all enjoy playing this

(A big thank you to jon Rafkind an all my mugen people)

Download Resident Evil Paintown Mod (Beta)

For Discussion visit the Release Thread here @ PS3HaX

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