[Released] RetroXMB now also supports backups PSP, PS1 and PS2

September 14, 2013

RetroXMB is finally released and for you that dont know what this is I’ll tell you!
This tool will allow retro console roms to be launced direclty from the XMB.
It will also allow you to customize the EBOOT with your own icons, background, SND0.AT3 and so on.
It support every system Retroarch supports as it is integrated in RetroXMB created games.
It also supports PS1 and PS2 games.

Released unexpectedly without an official announcement from the team developing the applicationRetroXMB beta 3 , this application will allow us to accomplish in a few simple steps and install a Backup directly from a pendrive, without using any external emulator.

We can start the titles directly from the XMB having way to catalog them comfortably through the function of the Playstation 3 , theer are currently 21 compatible emulators 

  • Fb_alpha (emulator arcade titles Final Burn ).
  • Fceumm (Nes emulator).
  • Gambatte (Emulator Game boy and Game boy color ).
  • Genesis_plus_gx (emulator Sega Genesis , Mega Drive , Master System , Game Gear , Sega CD and Mega CD ).
  • mame78 (emulator arcade titles).
  • mednafen_gba (Emulator Game Boy Advance ).
  • mednafen_ngp (emulator Neo Geo Pocket ).
  • mednafen_pce_fast (emulator PC Engine ).
  • mednafen_psx (emulator Playstation One ).
  • mednafen_vb (emulator Virtual Boy ).
  • mednafen_wswan (emulator Wonderswan ).
  • Nestopia (emulator Nes ).
  • prboom (emulator for  Doom 1  and various expansions).
  • quicknes (emulator Nes ).
  • snes9x_next (emulator SuperNes ).
  • star (emulator Atari ).
  • tyrquake (emulator for Quake 1 and various expansions).
  • vba_next (emulator Visual Boy Advance ).
  • Playstation One.
  • Playstation 2.
  • Playstation Portable .

Let’s see how best to use this great tool for the creation of our roms , first thing our choice falls on the type of backup you want to run on our Playstation 3,  we currently have four choices.

In our example we will create a backup of Super Nes  then selecting the emulationsnes9x_next.SELF,  wishing we can intervene by setting an aspect to 4:3.

Now go downstairs and go to seek our Roms on PC,  Super Mario World for Super NES, I played often over the years and still manages to excite me.

Well now let’s move on from here down, forget about the other options are optional.

Here we can personalize our Roms, change the title that appears on the xmb , change images, add animated icons and music or even create the package for installation on consoles Dex .

At the end of the various sections we just click Build Package , our file containing the Roms will be generated in the folder BACK in  created_pkgs.


Download: RetroXMB v3-Beta   MIRROR


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