[Released] Rogero CEX-4.30 CFW v1.03

November 6, 2012

Rogero has released a new version of his CEX-4.30 CFW. Version v1.03 includes the latest multiMAN 04.10.00 and a PlayStation home fix.


– Removed the Cinavia Disabled files and reverted back to the original files due to some Video Playback problems detected.

– The PS3~dev_blind.zip fix is now Pre-patched in the PUP itself.
– Fixed the bug of “Corrupted Data” on installation from Recovery encountered by some users.
– Added the Cinavia Disabled files into the PUP.
– Updated multiMAN to the latest 04.10.00 build in the package.
– Added the new simple to install PlayStation home fix to the package too.

Source and Download: Tortuga Cove

PS3 4.21/4.30/4.xx CFW User Guide – Read Before Attempting Anything And Bookmark (Posted by GregoryRasputin)

Thanks to Atomsk and MajorDisaster for the news submission!

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