[Released] Showtime 3.5.212

May 4, 2012

Andoma has once again updated his awesome PS3 application Showtime, Showtime is without a doubt, the best piece of home-brew software on the PS3 and guess what, he isn’t charging anyone to use it, it is all completely free, here is a a quote from the Change Log, take note, this is not an official release my andoma, but part of the 3.5 test model:


Add support for continuous playback of all video items in a directory

This needs to be enabled in the video playback settings (default off)

Fixes #501
Fixed #530
Fixes #864
Fixes #875


ps3: Switch memory allocator to TLSF

This is another attempt to fix the out of memory issues that has
been plauging Showtime for quite some while.
So far it looks much better than when using jemalloc
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