[Released] Simple Code To Help Checking NOR Dumps

January 24, 2013

Hi Guys,I’m no dev nor a PS3 expert, but I’d like to try some stuff in there…
So I’ve wrote few lines of code in order to help me, and who else want, to validated and analyse a PS3 NOR dump.

I’ve read what I could from ps3devwiki as well as on ps3hax in order to gather as much as possible information to help me in writing my lines.

I’d come to it shortly, but first I’d like to thanks all of you who participate to this scene, I’m not good at naming people and I’m worry to forget some.

Now my code may not look beautiful and may definitely be improved/enhanced, but as of today it seems useful to me and I hope it can be for others, so please enjoy it as much as you want.

I have no pretension for it but I’d like from anyone who enjoy it, to keep it as an opensource project, if this code or any part of it is used for another application I ask you to make it public as well, if you like this code and write some changes please share it with everyone.

I’d also appreciate if anyone want to propose some code and English correction.

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