[Released] Soywiz’s PSP Emulator Revision 555

August 16, 2013

Soywiz has updated his PSP Emulator for Windows and Linux to version 555, here is what has changed since the last revision:

 photo smaa_enabled_zps41ba337c.png

  • Improved sasCore so games using it now reproduce notes better
  • Improved rendering speed. Now 3d games should be faster.
  • Fixes on VFPU so Vallhala Knights is now showing skinned characters (still have some issues)
  • A CWCheat form editor.
  • Apply HQ2X to textures
  • View and edit textures with the new texture editor (it generates a .texmap file linked to the executable folder so it will be loaded each time) and you can customize or improve textures.
  • Added SMAA fullscreen antialiasing.


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