[Released] SPU Emulation BETA

May 24, 2012

Thanks for the shout out Gregory! It is important to stop by the “source”, and vote for this release in this month’s contest (currently leading). I know we have not been the real source since the first alpha release, so thanks for the consideration.

Also, here is the latest update KDSBest has left for us, please read if you have any interest in this application.

alpha2 > pre alpha so it is not in pre alpha stage anymore. It detecs code modifications on the fly too. The new feature list is not complette that’s my fault I guess.
Thanks for the news update. I need some infos from some reversers to create the next stunning feature:

Crypto dumping… dumps all crypto calls… Let’s call it function parameter dumping cause it will work for everything and will implement a callback on known functiins which will make dumping at certain calls possible.

I try to implement this and GET/PUT DMA commands this weekend. I think I can’t finish it this weekend, but this will be the beta stage. V0.9 should then just implement the rest of the commands that anergistic implements.

After that it is unknown what I do and so on. Since then my reversing starts to get more focus.

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