[Released] Three New eBoot fixes From N0DRM

August 30, 2012

I LOL’ed also due to closeness of the times. Either one could of been first posting, but does that matter? Not if it’s that close, but this does matter.

“An exclusive is something that the author of the software, story, etc … gives to you or releases on your forums.”

Gary failed because as far as I know this eboot cracking team doesn’t reside on his forums nor pump exclusive info into his inbox due to the fact as another member mentioned these have been out for a while, but then again Gary isn’t really known for speedy posts. Regardless, his claim it’s an exclusive is wrong and it doesn’t matter what time he posted it.

Why? Many factors. One most notably is the difference in time; it’s not much. Gary also had to obtain the patches and upload them to his warez site and go back and make links. Either poster could of started before each other and a few minutes don’t mean a damn thing. Server time differences could of also played a factor. Not if both board weren’t on the same GMT time and/or and it wasn’t such a small amount of time then the author of the picture could of made a better case, but in all reality he’s obsessed with Gary and not too bright.

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