[Released] Three PS3 Homebrew Apps By RazorX

October 7, 2012

PSX-Scene PS3 Homebrew Dev RazorX has released two new applications and an update to another one:

Here is a PS3Ultimate TV installer i have adapted from XMBM+ with the help of developer andreus (thanks andreus)”, All you do is install it, launch it and select the appropriate options it’s pretty simple once everything is done PS3Ultimate TV will show up in either your Videos category or your TV category depending on which option you choose.

You should also note that if you delete the installer it will also remove the app but not from your dev_flash files so installing the app again will bring it back and you won’t need to launch the installer the second time with the installation of the package file the PS3Ultimate TV app will show up aswell.

This Auto Installer does not currently work on cobra cfw to get it working you will need to follow the manual installation guide below, Also if you have any previous version of PS3Ultimate TV
installed on your ps3 please remove it first by going into “Game Data Utility” on your ps3 and deleting it.

Installation Guide
Download v1.10

Hey guys i’ve created this simple rco free package manager installable zip file for you, this can easily be incorporated into your cfw with very little impact and is completely safe and for those of you who want to install a package manager that won’t need you to replace any rco files, this is great if you created your own cfw and installing a standard package manager will change your xmb names or layout.

Download Package Manager [RCO Free]

Along with this i am releasing a webbrowser which utilizes multimans browser which means you can launch the webbrowser from the network category and download pkg files directly to your hdd and with this package manager install them also the package manager it’s self will show up in the network category so it’s out of the way.

This won’t damage or replace any other package manager you have installed.

Download Web Browser Plus


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