[Released] uDraw GameTablet for the PC

March 18, 2013

THQ released the uDraw GameTablet graphics tablet for the Wii in November 2010, then released for the PS3 and 360 in November 2011, it was never really that popular and THQ ended up being taken to court due to them failing to report the awful sales of the device, having 1.4 million unsold units which angered share holders.

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This application lets you use your uDraw on your PC, so far it only seems to be running the PS3 and 360 versions, here is a quote from the read me:

Q.)What is it?
A.)This is some C# .NET 2.0 code to allow using the PS3 and Xbox 360 uDraw tablet on a Windows PC.
When you run it, it places an icon in the notification (tray) area to let you know it’s running and to configure options.
Right-click it and choose “Options…” (or just press Y/Triangle on the tablet by default) to bring up the options (which are saved to an INI file in the same directory as the application).
Right-click it and choose “Exit” to quit.

Q.)How do I use it?
A.)Just run it.

Q.)What are the controls?
A.)Use the nib/stylus on the drawing area to move the mouse cursor on the current monitor, press on the pen to left-click (or press A/Cross by default), and press X/Square to right-click (by default). Y/Triangle will bring up the options dialog (by default).

Q.)This sucks, what if I just want to write my own code to control this thing?
A.)You can use the uDrawLib and Xbox360USB DLLs to get access to the tablet data, or you can just do the whole thing yourself by reading the documentation included and online at brandonw.net/udraw.

 photo options_zps845e0d9b.png

This software was first released 2 months ago, but was updated around 3 hours ago.



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