[Released] Universal Media Server Version 1.1.1

June 14, 2012

We were the first site to report on the PS3 Media Server fork, known as Universal Media Server, since we reported about them, they have released another update, here is a quote of the change log:

  • General:

    • Fixed memory buffer handling
    • Added LPCM transcoding option for all audio tracks
    • Added DTS HD-MA support up to 7.1 channels: DTS core remux, LPCM and AC3 transcoding
    • Added Dolby TrueHD support up to 7.1 channels: LPCM (recommended) and AC3 (buggy for 7.1) transcoding
    • Added support for more rare audio formats
    • Updated documentation in UMS.conf
  • Languages:
    • Improved English settings labels
    • Fixed spacing across all languages on the “Common transcode settings” page
    • Improved Russian translations
    • Removed outdated translations
    • Fixed display of maximum transcode buffer size in 5 languages (ca, es, is, it, sv)
    • Improved support for RTL languages

Universal Media Server Official Site
Universal Media Server Forum
Universal Media Server Facebook

Download Mac
Download Windows
Download Linux

Plugins(these plugins will also work with PMS)

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