[Released] UnoJoy – Create A PS3 Control Pad

March 2, 2013

Do you own a Arduino Uno and want a spare PS3 control pad ? You can with UnoJoy, here is a quote from the source:

 photo ArduinoUnoPS3_zpsdc458278.png

Want to make video game controllers? You’re in the right place.

UnoJoy lets you take a regular Arduino Uno and turn it into a native USB game controller, compatible with Windows, OSX, and PlayStation 3 (including Home Button support!).

Making cool stuff with UnoJoy? We’d love to hear about it! Check out our project blog for more details, and we’d love to feature your stuff there!http://unojoy.tumblr.com

How It Works

UnoJoy is a combination of a library for Arduino and a special firmware file for the communication chip on the Arduino. In order to make your own controller, you’ll:

  1. Install the drivers for the communication chip bootloader
  2. In Arduino, use the library to make your own controller interactions, mapping whatever inputs and calculations you want to the buttons and sticks of a PS3 controller.
  3. Use the included testing application to easily test your controller while it’s still in Arduino mode.
  4. Use the simple included tools to re-flash the Arduino’s communications chip with the special firmware
  5. Plug it into your PC/Mac/PS3 and play!

For more information, check out the Getting Started page

Totally Reversible

The firmware flashing tools are super easy to use, and it’s easy to turn your UnoJoy project back into a regular Arduino at any time!

So check out the downloads section for a total release, or download the source repository!

Download Windows
Download MacOS

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