[Released] XMB Manager Plus v0.10

February 11, 2012

Im sure you all know of the popular text edit mistake, discovered by DeViL303, that resulted in XMB Filemanager, well he got together with a bunch of other text editors over at TBCrunch, including bitsbubba, who is known for pushing buttons on KaKaRoTo’s MFW Builder to earn/steal $250 profit from other peoples hard work.

Anyhow, these guys, which includes work from developer aldostool, have released XMB Manager Plus, here is a quote from the source:

XMB Manager Plus (XMBM+) is a new XMB category based off of REBUG’s “Package Manager”, which is a modded version of the official (debug/Jailbreak) “Install Package Files” XMB option.

This will replace the “Install Package Files” option or for REBUG CFW “Package Manager”.

XMB Manager Plus allows the entire PS3 filesystem to be browsed and/or deleted (all file types supported), We have added functions to REBUG’s
“Package Manager” and renamed it to “Package Manager Plus”, it consists of all previous features plus it now includes new Homebrew Category that has
options to download a selection of popular PS3 homebrew packages. We have also added a new “Game Data Manager” that contains all games data type
tools, like saves, backups, etc. There are plenty more options also available in this new update, see the changelog below.

Main Features in XMBM+ v0.10

Package Manager Plus
Allows homebrew/packages to be easily downloaded, installed and deleted.

File Manager Plus
Browse and Delete files from all locations such as hdd, usb, etc.

Game Data Manager
Includes all the game data tools from main XMB plus some more additions. Things like Gamedata, Savedata, Backups and trophys are contained here.

Multi-Media Manager
Browse, Copy, Rename and Play all your PS3′s internal hdds media from one location. All options from the normal XMB categories are available in
one new combined category.

Web Links
This section includes links to some popular websites for easier access.

Contains XMBM+ info, links to TBCrunch release thread, updater option, etc.

Source PS3Crunch


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