[Released]multiMAN STEALTH 04.13.03

December 5, 2012

@deank has now released a stealth version of the popular multiMAN (04.14.03) application, which now allows you to start up the application via the *app_home/PS3_GAME/ XMB slot, while booting up the Install Package Files application first – and once stealth mM is installed and a backed up game is booted, it will now show up on the XMB as the previously booted up game, but be aware that this application is STRICTLY for those who are using Rogero’s 4.30 v2.03 firmware only for the time being – read below for usage instructions:


For 4.30CFW ROGERO version 2.03:

How to install:

Method #1:

* Copy installPKG.pkg and report_data.txt to the root of a USB stick/drive
* Install “installPKG“, reboot, install from the bubble
* Start [* Install Package Files] standalone from the icon in XMB (not from /app_home)
* It should look as in the screenshot
* Press [START] to “Update and Load Stealth multiMAN”

Method #2:
* Rename report_data.txt to anyFileName.self and Copy to USB stick or PS3 HDD
* Use multiMAN mmOS, locate the file and double-click on it
* mM stealth will install and start

Once you booted stealth mM at least once you can safely delete the ‘regular’ mM from XMB if you wish.
You can delete the standalone [* Install Package Files] application from XMB if you wish.

How to load the stealth multiMAN:

1) Restart your PS3
2) Go go /app_home (which will change to the last game you loaded or to [* Install Package Files]) and press [X]
3) If you hold [SELECT] pressed it will load stealth multiMAN directly.

The updated [* Install Package Files] supports the stealth multiMAN and you can launch it by pressing [SELECT].

The stealth multiMAN supports online update which doesn’t require PKG file installation and is a seamless process.


Q: Why is it stealth?
- It is not present in XMB (not present in /dev_hdd0/game/*)
- Each time the /app_home (* Install Package Files) gets different TITLE ID and TITLE NAME
- Every time you load a game it will change the TITLE of /app_home thus not looking suspicious
- You can use mM while your XMB looks totally OFW (with no homebrew installed which may be detected)

multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) SendSpace
multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) BayFiles
multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) Putlocker
multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) Zippyshare
multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) Turbobit
multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) Mediafire 
multiMAN ver 04.14.03 STEALTH (20121204) (18.55MB) MultiUpload



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