[Released]multiMAN STEALTH 04.14.04

December 5, 2012

@deank again updated muliMAN

All is fixed in 04.14.04:
Added support for fixing 80010009 errors for games with updates (like FIFA 2013 v 1.04)
Added support for installing PKG files from NTFS drives in mmOS
Added support for installing game updates after download on 4.30CFW ROGERO 2.03
Improved display of game titles in all modes (no double refresh/redraw)
Fixed covers issue in 8×4 display mode
download multiMAN ver 04.14.04 UPD STEALTH (20121205).rar (1.76MB)
(link will be available later)
multiMAN ver 04.14.04 UPD CEX (20121205) (3MB)
(link will be available later)

Extract the rar and copy report_data.txt to a USB stick/hdd
Update/Install from [* Install Package Files]

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