Remote Downloads For Your PS Vita And PS3!

April 26, 2013

There have been a few times that I can count myself, hearing about a new Vita exploit and wanting the game purchased, downloaded and ready on my console for when I get home from work or a social event.  A recent tweet from PS Access tells us that you can now have exactly that!  Games purchased and downloaded on your console via the PSN on the internet browser.

PSN Browser Purchase

With this kind of convenience, you will always be on top of your PSN purchases and Vita exploits no matter where you are.  Obviously your console will need to be connected to the internet, ready to start downloading when prompted.

PSN Download Queue

The screenshot above is my own download list, with the download options listed on the right.

Hit up the PlayStation Store in your browser and test out the download queuing feature.  Come back to DashHacks and let us know if all goes well!  We love to hear what you think about features like this, and curiosity wants us to know whether it works properly or not!

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