Remove Singstar Icon Forever From UK Consoles

September 25, 2013

The developer Exofreak is back on the scene with a new release for your XMB, which will allow you to permanently remove the SingStar icon from your “UK” PS3, (doesnt work on other regions)

Do you have that irritating singstar game on your xmb?. Do you want to have a clean xmb with only the things you need present? It will remove singstar and also stop it from appearing

Well now with a simple package installation you can kiss the singstar logo goodbye!

Things needed:
Multiman over 4.XX.
Any ps3 with custom firmware 4.XX. (Theoretically it should work on rebug but i didn’t try it)
A potato with more than 256 MB ram.

Copy, FTP or download the file named “”
Use multiman and double click on the zip and it will auto install and remove Singstar possibly forever

Video showing the removal:

If this doesn’t work delete the folder dev_hdd0/tmp/explore/xil2/game/gb and reapply through multiman.
The file can be downloaded directly into the ps3 via the official web browser and it can be saved to the ext hdd and applied via multiman.
You can bring singstar back by deleting dev_hdd0/tmp/explore/xil2/game/gb folder.
I don’t know what all the fuss was about it took me around an hour to figure it out.
I didn’t try it on rebug but it should work.
Please tell me if it doesn’t work because i think different ps3s have different number folder.



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