Request IDPS Generator Released to the Development Community

October 16, 2012

When you’re a part of the development group, there are plenty of different IDs you need to be aware of in terms of constructing both hacks as well as game titles that are going to work on any modern modded console. With the addition of this new tool from popular scene developer Rnd, you’ll be able to get all of that unique console-based data you need along with some very helpful instructions on a faster and more reliable way to obtain and flash a new EID. When it comes to console IDs, this software will help you to obtain your system’s board ID, cid, ecid, kiban ID, ckp2_data, ckp_management_id by simply dropping your flash dump into this little program. Pretty handy if you ask me.

However, maybe the most impactful thing about this generator is how it can handle your EIDs on top of revealing all of that very specific information. To put it simply, now there is no longer a need to flash the entire dump if you are looking to convert your EID. Instead, just drop the generated .txt file into the temp folder in ObjectiveSuites and you’ll be done with flashing just the new ID to your system. Having to flash less information is always a good thing, so we should cherish developments like this when they come. Not to mention, not having to connect to Sony to get all of that console info is just one more way that the scene can serve to stay off the grid. For any serious members of the dev crew, this is a tool that should be on your list.


Tags: eid, flash dump, PS3 Hacks, rnd

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