Resident Evil Operation Paintown

December 28, 2012

Developers Daveyshamble & Markus95 have joined forces and released a collaboration for those enjoying the Paintown mods for PlayStation 3 custom firmware users. This release called Paintown 3.6.1 Mod Pack v3 is a arcade quality version packed with many new features. These include new enemies to battle, new playable characters, added music and movies.  In order to use this mod it is required that Markus95’s Saint Seiya Mod Paintown version 3.6.1 is installed. Below you will find two downloads, one for CFW 3.41/3.55 and the other for CFW 4.xx users.


Changelog Paintown Mod Pack V3: 

  • Mod Markus95:
  • Add graphic filter HD
  • Mod Saintseiya:
  • Add graphic filter HD
  • Add Mod Resident Evil Operation Paintown
  • Mod Resident Evil :
  • 5 players + 2 secret
  • 12 levels + 1 tuto
  • 12 enemies

A word from Daveyshamble:

Hello everyone and Merry X-Mas to all, a short while back you may remember this little mod I made for paintown, well since then I’d been in contact with fellow modder Markus95 and he said we could make something amazing if we worked together, so we put our heads together and came up with this arcade quality version with loads of new features. There’s new enemies and characters, as well as music and moves, I cant stop playing it and i’ll bet you won’t either. 

To install you must have a copy of Markus95’s saint seya mod paintown 3.6.1, If you don’t then get it and install it first then install this over the top, it will say the same version already exists but install it and it will be in the game under change mod option (RE)

I’d like to say thanx to Jon Rafkind, Markus95 and all my Mugen friends.

Anyway Merry X-Mas from Daveyshamble501 and Markus95, and keep a look out for Paintown Aliens in the new year, If you like this your gonna love our Aliens mod.

Download: Paintown 3.6.1 Mod Pack v3 – CFW3.41/3.55 | CFW 4.xx

Source: ps3news

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