Retro Arch Unofficial Update

August 16, 2012

PS3 developer pete_uk has released an unofficial compiled pack of Retro Arch version 0.9.7. So if you have been wondering what Twinaphex, aka Squarepusher, and the libretro team have been up to. Check out this unofficial release! 

Retro Arch Changes:

  • New Zip-File options: Extract in same folder, or Extract on cache partition.
  • Loading Incompatible Roms will no longer freeze the PS3 rather display an error message.
  • Slight Modifications to the Quick Menu (R3) & GUI. 

New libretro Core Added:

  • Mednafen_Swan (0.9.22) — (Bandai WonderSwan) – This core is a WIP and so some features are not fully implemented yet like Saving/Loading Support. 

FBalpha has been split up a bit There is separate core for Neo Geo & one for CPS-1 & 2 games:

  • fba_cores_neo
  • fba_cores_Cps (CPS ! & 2)
  • fbalpha (Use this core for all other Emulated FBalpha systems) 

Mednafen_PCE_Fast: (New Port)

This is a new port and has replaced the libretro core Mednafen_PCE. This port has fixed alot of issue the other port had. This is still a WIP so some features still may be missing like Saving/Loading.

  • Full Screen is now supported.
  • Improved Emulation
  • Improved ROM loading

This core emulates:

  • Turbo GrafX 16/ PC-Engine
  • Turbo GrafX CD / PC-Engine CD
  • Super GrafX 


  • Core updated to version 1.7.0

Recommended you do a fresh install. Be sure to back up your bios files if you have them located in RetroArch folders. 

Download: CFW3.55 or 3.41

Source: ps3crunch via psx-scene

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