RetroArch Emulators Unofficially Separated

October 17, 2012

You now have the option of keeping all of those emulation tasks in their own separate programs. Basically, what has been done here is that all of the cores inside the RetroArch software have simply been ripped out and thrown into their own unique sets. Sure you might have been able to pull this off on your own given the way that the emulator itself is designed, but some of us may not have wanted to go through all of that work. Neat freaks and organized folks can rejoice! Now you have the same functionality of RetroArch 0.9.7 without having to deal with all of that ROM clutter.

As usual there are of course a few setbacks to mention with this unofficial release. The biggest of which is that these are not multiMAN/mmCM compatible, so if you plan on using either of those a lot (as quite a few of us tend to do) this may not be a solution you’ll want to invest in. Secondly, the IMAME4all port is an unreleased core, so compatibility with some of those ROMs may be spotty at best. Still if this sounds like a possibility for you, here is the complete list of separated choices you have available.

  • SSNE99999 = RetroArch-Wonderswan
  • SSNE88888 = RetroArch-SNES
  • SSNE77777 = RetroArch-NES
  • SSNE66666 = RetroArxch-Gameboy
  • SSNE55555 = RetroArch-TurboGrafx16
  • SSNE44444 = RetroArch-GameboyAdvance
  • SSNE33333 = RetroArch-Genesis
  • SSNE22222 = RetroArch-FBalpha (arcade)
  • SSNE11111 = RetroArch-IMAME4all
  • SSNE12121 = RetroArch-SG-1000
  • SSNE13131 = RetroArch-Game Gear
  • SSNE14141 = RetroArch-Master System
  • SSNE15151 = RetroArch-Turbo Grafx CD (aka TurboDuo)
  • SSNE16161 = RetroArch-Super Grafx
  • SSNE17171 = RetroArch-Sega CD

Get gaming all you fans of the classics!

Credits and Thanks To:

SquarePusher (for his continued work on the PS3 port of RetroArch)
Blackotoo (for making a great Uniformed Images for all the emulators)
Aldostools (for all his great tools that made this process very easy)
pete_uk (for all his unofficial compiles of RetroArch)


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