RetroArch Gets Official Update With DEX Support

August 24, 2012

After several unofficial builds of RetroArch we are finally graced with the latest official release. Developers Twinaphex and Themaister have released version 0.9.7 with two added cores, Mednafen Woderswan & PC Engine Fast.

Also added is multiMAN Libretro core compatibility, and speaking of multiMAN, other functionality includes ZIP extraction and DEX support! I also read that the DEX version might work on CFW 3.41 CEX.

  • Added Core: Mednafen_Wswan
    • Bandai WonderSwan
    • Bandai WonderSwan Color
  • Added Core: Mednafen_PCE_fast
    • Turbo GrafX 16 / PC-Engine
    • Turbo GrafX CD / PC-Engine CD
  • Core Updated: Genesis_plus_gx version 1.7.0
  • Added: multiMAN compatibility to all libretro cores
  • Improved stability / error trapping
  • ZIP extract modes expanded – it can extract the contents of a ZIP file to the current directory, and/or extract to current dir and immediately load the first ROM/game file.
  • Improved GUI
  • Various changes under the hood to many to mention.

CEX is for those running regular custom firmware.

DEX is for debug consoles only. (with the possible exception of CEX 3.41 as mentioned above)

Download: RetroArch PS3.v0.9.7 CEX MIRROR1

Download: RetroArch PS3.v0.9.7 DEX MIRROR1

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