RetroArch Unofficial Gets Updated To 0.9.8 Beta 3

December 1, 2012

The multiplatform emulator for the PS3 known as RetroArch receives an update from the several developers putting in work. Squarepusher and the rest of the team working on the RetroArch emulator released version 0.9.8 earlier today featuring three new cores. Unfortunately with the addition of the three, one has been taken out from the emulator package. Take a quick look at what’s happening:

New Cores:

  • Mednafen_VB – Nintendo Virtual Boy
  • Mednafen_Neopop – NeoGeo Pocket & Pocket Color
  • Mednafen_PSX – Playstation 1

Removed Cores:



  • Final Burn Alpha – Based on version Make sure you have the right ROMs or you will have problems.
  • Genesis-Plus-GX – Sega CD Emulation requires a sega cd bios in the same folder as your ISO / BIN files. The BIOS ROM files be named BIOS_CD_J.bin (Japan), BIOS_CD_U.bin (US) and BIOS_CD_E.bin (Europe)
  • Mednafen_PCE – PCEngine / Turbo Grafix CD Emulation requires the PCE CD BIOS to be in the same folder as the ROM you are trying to load. It needs to be named SYSCARD3.PCE
  • Mednafen_PSXOnly runs at 18 – 25 FPS & will not perform better without a dynarec. Requires the following BIOS files in the RetroArch system folder: scph1001.bin, scph5500.bin, scph5501.bin, scph5502.bin & scph7502.bin.

Since this is an “unofficial beta” release, there may be bugs existent. However, if everything goes well, an official build will be compiled and released. The only other issue that hasn’t been noted above is that this build should work on all CEX custom firmwares except for geohot’s & wutangrza’s 3.55 firmwares. You can download the unofficial beta build below.

Download: RetroArch 0.9.8 Unofficial Beta 3

Source: PS3Crunch

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