Reversing the game Dead Island: Riptide, mod saves without needing Game Genie: JJohnny a very dedicated user.

August 19, 2013

Well we noticed some days ago a user = @JJohnny that actually it’s the one who made a proper introduction about himself to later create a thread about reversing Dead Island Riptide, mod saves without GG.
He made that thread in order to keep it organized for himself as the users and stated his goal doing this:

In short, I’m reversing the game Dead Island (Riptide), in order to figure out how to play modded saves without needing Game Genie.

He took this in a very serious manner and keeps updating that thread in order to the community to get involved and see/share/help in what’s he is doing.

You can check his thread over here = Click

My kudos to him as well as many other users sharing what they know and what they intend to do.

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